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Information about Modalities


Acupuncture- Acupuncture is an ancient and versatile medicine that engages our innate ability to heal. Tiny needles stimulate energy centers, calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, and interrupt pain-patterns in the body. This method is excellent for nervous system conditions and digestive disorders, hormone balancing, pain, and a variety of other conditions. Ray practices a classical style of free-hand acupuncture needling technique, and offers trigger-point acupuncture for treatment of muscular pain.

Herbal Consultation- Traditional Chinese Herbalism is a powerful, sophisticated system of herbal medicine. Herbal prescriptions are custom-formulated to address the individual's healing goals. Chinese herbal formulas are a meaningful supplement to acupuncture treatments. Ray writes custom formula prescriptions that clients can pick up at Five Flavors Herbs.


Massage- Physical medicine incorporating deep tissue techniques, trigger point pressing, kneading, dynamic stretching and mobilization as well as percussive techniques. The combination of techniques work to increase range of motion, break up adhesion in the muscle tissue, improve circulation and relieve pain and tension.

Medical Qigong Therapy- A powerful Chinese energy medicine utilizing the principles of acupuncture, but working on a subtle level. It is a powerful adjunct to physical medicine, and is calming and rejuvenating to the nervous system.

Cupping- A gentle vacuum is created inside round glass cups which are placed on the skin to increase circulation, stimulate the immune system and dispel stagnant energy. 

Gua Sha- The traditional Chinese predecessor to Graston technique, Gua Sha is used to increase circulation, stimulate the immune system, and break up scar tissue.


Private Qigong Class- Student will learn a customized series of movement meditations and/or visualizations designed to balance energy.

Placenta Encapsulation- Nature's postpartum medicine! Placenta encapsulation is the process of drying and powdering this nutrient-rich tissue so that it can be taken as pills. This medicine has been used for centuries to reduce postpartum symptoms, replenish the body's vitamins and minerals, and aid in re-balancing the hormones after giving birth.

Community Acupuncture for Events- Ray would love to bring her portable Community Acupuncture Clinic to your community event!