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About Ray

Ray Himmelman is an Oakland-based Acupuncturist who views her healing work through a social-justice focused lens. Approaching each treatment as a collaboration with her client, she uses a variety of holistic modalities to address the patterns of pain and disharmony which manifest in mind, body, and spirit. 

Ray specializes in the treatment of:

  • Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

  • Hormone balancing and fertility for all genders

  • Musculo-skeletal injury

  • Chronic pain

Ray is committed to offering socially conscious healing services within her communities.  She is especially interested in offering safe, compassionate, and body-positive healing treatments to folks of variant genders and those with differing abilities. A harm reduction approach is taken during consultation and in the development of treatment plans for individual clients. By always offering sliding-scale healing services, she strives to offer accessible care.

Ray supports the movement to end police violence by offering donation-based treatments to people who experience trauma and violence at the hands of police, as well as to organizers on the front lines of social justice movements. Contact Ray for more information about her donation-based offerings.


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